Thanks for rekindling my burning hatred of Hollywood.

I waited a year to be able to buy Kimi no na wa. I saw it as soon as I got my hands on the 480i watermarked screener, and I knew from that moment that I would own the blu-ray. When I first saw the film I had recently built a new computer: an i7 6700k, a GTX 980Ti, a $600 4K display.

When I heard there would be a 4K UltraHD release I made an amazon.co.jp account just to buy it, and I purchased the best blu-ray drive for my computer I could find (a BD/BDXL burner.)

In the year since I first watched the film, Hollywood decided my computer was "not good enough" to see it in 4K. I need an UltraHD capable drive (even though they're just BDXLs) of which there's only one being made (by Pioneer.) I'd need a new 7th generation Intel CPU w/ SGX extensions to play AACS2 content. I need a new 10th generation NVidia GPU to play HDCP 2.2 content, and I'd also need a new 4K monitor that supports HDCP 2.2 in order to actually get the content onto a screen.

I bought 4 tickets to see the movie in US theaters, and spent about $200 to buy the collectors edition + blu ray drive. So that is my reward for trying to support a film that moved me to tears even in all its grainy watermarked 480i glory, I am legally not allowed to play it on a computer that was top of the consumer/enthusiast line-up when the movie first aired.

Fuck DRM.

Source : http://rebrn.com/re/daoko-music-video-animated-by-shaft-3362098/

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