'Carpool Karaoke': See Alicia Keys, John Legend Turn Nonsense Into Good Songs

Carpool Karaoke: The Series unveiled a pair of new clips from the Apple Music series Tuesday, including snippets from the episodes starring Alicia Keys and John Legend as well as Billy Eichner and Metallica.

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In the Legend/Keys episode, usual "Carpool Karaoke" driver James Corden makes a surprise appearance as a backseat passenger to test whether the two singers can make a good song out of anything.

Corden has Legend turn the lines "Can I get a lift, bro?" and "If your erection lasts more than four hours you should consult your doctor immediately" into soulful ballads, while Keys deftly makes the line "Natural deodorant makes promises it can't keep" into something listenable.

The two-minute clip ends with Corden throwing on his jogging gear and Walkman and exits the vehicle. "Guess who I'm gonna listen to," Corden asks the singers, motioning to his headphones. "Neither of you."

In another preview from the Apple Music series, Eichner asks Metallica what was the inspiration behind "Enter Sandman" ("Crib death," James Hetfield says, lightening the mood) and plays the game "Metal Have I Ever?" with the group. During the game, fans learn that Metallica loves frozen yogurt.

New episodes of Carpool Karaoke: The Series air Tuesdays on Apple Music.

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'Carpool Karaoke': See Alicia Keys, John Legend Turn Nonsense Into Good Songs
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